Shenzhen China Pirate City

  • Shenzhen has positioned itself as an innovative international city but does not protect EU IPR and does not help European companies who got cheated in Shenzhen
  • Shenzhen attracts many European investors but once the money and technology is invested, it does not care about those investors or their investment protection
  • Many European entrepreneurs become a victim of a model, which consists of attracting and stealing European technology and designs, especially in Shenzhen Longgang
  • European companies spent a lot of effort and money in Shenzhen and at the end lose everything, as for example in the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project”

Shenzhen Stop Injustice Act Now

  • Shenzhen lacks justice in the way it treads European companies settling in its districts, especially in Longgang
  • Shenzhen has shown serious injustice in the way it treated the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project”
  • Shenzhen should act to protect the investors and companies who joined “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project” and who got cheated by the local government and partners

Longgang China Pirate Harbour

  • Under the current leadership of Longgang, there was a systematic approach to „pretend“ to move ahead with the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project” but in fact just misused the Project to steal technology, help infringe IPR and destroy the Investment of the European Investors
  • There are clear indications that several persons in Longgang district are striving more for personal benefits rather than implement tasks in relation to the sustainable urbanization partnership between China and Europe and therefore also the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project”
  • European delegations were taken to Longgang under false promises and cheated on by local government and the local SOE Chengtou
  • Designs of the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project” were copied and misused

Longgang Leader Be Fair

  • Longgang leadership systematically sabotaged and delayed the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project”, hurting many European companies involved
  • Longgang Leadership inflicted considerable losses of Chinese state assets, the European Investor and the European companies who intended to setup an office the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project”
  • After a lot of efforts by the European investors, the Longgang government stopped all procedures of the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project” showing great lack of fairness

Longgang Corruption Stinks

  • Longgang Leadership should have supported the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project” on sustainable Urbanisation but instead, it is influenced by a corrupt network which wishes to stop the project for their own benefit
  • Longgang Chengtou pushed the European investors out of “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project” to benefit through their own network
  • “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project” was stopped by officials who had their own interest in mind

Stealing is NOT Innovation

  • Designs of the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project” and concepts of European partners were illegally copied by Longgang and forwarded to other third parties
  • Design and concept theft by Longgang was systematic and it must be assumed, that the current Party Secretary had knowledge of it
  • There is the indication, that the Technology which was provided by EU companies during their trips to Longgang, was copied by local companies who pretended to want to cooperate but obviously only were instructed to copy the technology

Protect European IPR

  • IPR registered in a European country should be protected better in China
  • It is necessary to warn any future investor about going into Shenzhen and especially Longgang
  • Shenzhen and Longgang should be aware that in nowadays world such behaviour will have consequences

Stop Confiscating EU Property

  • Shenzhen and Longgang should be fair to foreign investors
  • The “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project” in Shenzhen was very smooth until a local network inside the government tried to stop the project to confiscate it for their own good
  • The Longgang SOE Chengtou and the Longgang District Government have been adopting deceiving and delaying tactics for the “EU China Urbanization Pilot Project” for more than two years in order to confiscate European properties
  • Recent changes made by China in regard to foreign investment are good, but it seems Longgang government don’t follow the rules made by Chinese state government

Our Demand :

  • Fair Treatment of European companies in China
  • We ask relevant authorities to officially inform the Chinese central government and let them know about the damage which the EU China cooperation and the Chinese reputation took because of Shenzhen and Longgang behaviour
  • All European companies who were hurt, should inform the international media and stakeholders on the illegal behaviour and interference Longgang – join us to make this misconduct public
  • Join us to make those finding open for everybody and publish them in order to achieve a transparent international environment so that people can form their own opinion
  • Join us to use our their free right to demonstrate during any future event with Chinese government participation with special focus on Shenzhen or Guangdong Government events in Europe as well as in front of Chinese embassies in European capitals

Protest China Embassy Berlin August

Protest China Embassy Berlin September

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